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For Your Ultimate Hunting Experience 


Born in the old Eastern Transvaal, now known as Mpumalanga, Blackie grew up in the bush where he developed a deep love and passion for wildlife that led to him becoming a dedicated conservationist. He shares this passion with his wife Yolanda who is a registered wildlife Capture and Care operative. Both Blackie and Yolanda studied in the wildlife and hospitality sectors with Blackie studying wildlife management, and Yolanda in the field of Capture and Care, Lodge management, and lastly in the field of taxidermy leading to her becoming a bona fide taxidermist. They are dedicated parents raising four children, one of whom is a professional wildlife photographer, and another two working as apprentice professional hunters.

During their early years working all over South Africa, they gained extensive experience in the different ecosystems, biodiversity, and wildlife of South Africa. It is as a result of their travels, experience, and studies that they believe in the ethical, responsible, and sustainable utilization of African game.  

Blackie is a registered professional hunter and outfitter, registered in the provinces of Northwest, Northern Cape, and Limpopo, all the provinces where some of the best game is available to hunt in South Africa. He is also a full-time member of the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA). 

Serendipity Africa Hunt was created in 2015 in the province of Northwest and is growing from strength to strength each year with the return of old friends (clients) and the addition of new friends. Dedication, trustworthiness, and friendliness are only a small part of our operation, and for this reason, Serendipity African Hunt soon became a reliable operation and is well respected by both clients and hunting associates. We can therefore guarantee a total AFRICAN EXPERIENCE, exactly what you deserve on your dream hunt.


Female Ostrich
Gold Wildbeast
First Impala
Beautiful Sunset
African Buffalo
White Rhino(Green Hunt)
Massa Hunt
Female Lion

Accommodation & Hunting

Ultimate Satisfaction



A good night sleep is always important to us

  • A good night’s sleep is always important to us.

  • Accommodation on offer depends on you as the client and ranges from five-star accommodation to a more rustic option with basic luxuries.

  • Our accommodations are totally tailor-made to fit your specific needs to make your stay as comfortable as possible and to make your African safari exactly the way you have dreamed it to be.


Your Hunt Looks Bright With Serendipity Africa Hunt

  • Here at Serendipity Africa Hunt, we offer a huge variety of game to be hunted that include both plains and dangerous game.

  • Our BASE OF OPERATION is located in the heart of the Mopane bushveld near the town of Modimolle, and is surrounded by plains that make it a desirable location for the walking and stalking of target animals.

  • We have sourced the best areas with reputable conservation ranches, where conservation and sustainable hunting is managed responsibly, and this is done to ensure the survival of the species that are indigenous to these areas.

Hunting of Animals


1.    We offer pick-up and drop-off from and at the airport free of charge. 
2.    Firearms can be rented free of charge, should you prefer to use our firearms we just ask for the replacement           of the cartridges used.
3.    At a small fee, we could arrange all the proper paperwork to bring your firearms legally and effortlessly into           South Africa, this would include temporary import and export permits.
4.    Photographic safaris and/or fishing trips could also be arranged in conjunction with your hunting trip.
5.    Videos of your hunt can also be arranged in order to capture that moment that will last you a lifetime and to           ensure that your dream safari will never be forgotten. 
6.    We usually include a visit to our preferred taxidermist in order for your to view their work and to ensure you             have piece of mind regarding the preparation and handling of your trophy. 
7.    Local curious shops in the area can be visited in order for you to take home some indigenous artefacts that             are unique to the local area in which you would be hunting, and to ensure you have something unique that             will always remind you of the African bush. 


Why do we hunt 

As stated, we believe in responsible, sustainable utilization. Without responsible hunting, and the financial support of our clients, the wildlife of Africa will be driven toward extinction since the animals will be slaughtered in a meaningless manner. Hunting ensures that the animals of Africa are protected and that their numbers are kept stable to prevent damage to the ecosystem they call home, and to ensure that our grandchildren and their grandchildren can also experience the thrill of hunting in the African bush. 

The effects of sustainable utilization can be seen when we think of species like the Roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus) and the Sable antelope (Hippotragus niger) that were brought back from the brink of extinction by the efforts of ranchers and hunters that protected these species because of their value as trophies. The same goes with the African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) that almost went extinct at the start of the 20th century, but as a result of the efforts of ranchers and hunters, there are almost more animals in South Africa today than there were 150 years ago.

We strive to bring you the hunt of your dreams, and with your help we can ensure the survival of Africa and its wildlife, leaving our children the Africa we love, and one day we can see them experiencing the thrill and excitement that only Africa has to offer. 

Hunting Packages 2023 - 2024:

Please note that the following packages are not limited to just the animals in said package. You can always add additional animals to your package if you should choose to do so, just add price of your chosen animal/s to your package.

Prices might change from location to location:

Baboon                        US $ 300                             Klipspringer                       US $ 2 100
Blesbuck: Brown         US $ 520                              Lechwe                              US $ 1 900
Blesbuck: Copper       US $ 1 800                           Lion                                    US $ P.O.R
Blesbuck: White          US $ 750                             Nyala                                   US $ 2 200
Blesbuck: Yellow         US $ 3 200                          Ostrich                                 US $ 850
Bushbuck                     US $ 1 800                          Porcupine                            US $ 250
Bush Pig                       US $ 800                             Red Hartebeest                  US $ 1 600

Cape Buffalo                US $ 10 500                        Roan                                    US $ 5 000
Crocodile                     US $ 6 000                          Reedbuck: Common          US $ 1 600
Duiker                           US $ 450                             Reedbuck: Mountain         US $ 1 500
Eland                            US $ 3 500                          Reedbuck: Vaal                   US $ 2 275

Elephant                      US $ P.O.R                          Sable                                    US $ 3 200
Fellow Dear                 US $ 2 200                          Springbuck                          US $ 700
Gemsbuck (Oryx)        US $ 2 000                          Springbuck: Black               US $ 1 500
Giraffe                          US $ 2 650                          Springbuck: Copper           US $ 1 500
Hiena: Brown               US $ P.O.R                         Springbuck: White               US $ 1 600
Hiena: Spotted            US $ P.O.R                         Steenbuck                             US $ 600
Hippopotamus            US $ P.O.R                         Tsessebe                                US $ 2 000
Honey Badger             US $ 1 650                         Warthog                                 US $ 400
Impala                          US $ 500                            Waterbuck                             US $ 2 600
Impala: Black               US $ 1 400                         Wildebeest: Black                 US $ 1 200
Impala: Sadleback       US $ 1 600                        Wildebeest: Blue                   US $ 950
Impala: White Flank    US $ 2 000                        Wildebeest: Golden              US $ 2 400
Jackal                            US $ 100                          Wildebeest: King                   US $ 6 000

Kudu                             US $ 3 500                        Zebra                                      US $ 1 100

Combo Packages:

Starter Package

2×B + 2×C


Three Package

1×A + 1×B + 1×C


Family Package

1×A + 2×B + 3×C


Species Hunting Package

Eland or Kudu + 2×B + 2×C


Veteran Hunting Package

2×A + 1×B + 2×C

The following animals are listed in 3 groups for you to choose from:   

A                              B                            C
- Golden Wildebeest        - Black Impala                  - White Blesbuck 
- Nyala                                - Ostrich                           - Springbuck
- Waterbuck                       - Black Wildebeest          - Baboon
- Sable                                - Blue Wildebeest            - Blesbuck 
- Lechwe                             - Bush Pig                         - Duiker
- Gemsbuck                       - Mountain Reedbuck      - Impala
- Red Hartebeest               - Jackal                              - Common Reedbuck
- Zebra                                - Warthog    



Grand Slams:
Price on request:

Springbuck Slam                     Impala Slam
1× Normal                                1× Normal
1× Black                                   1×White Flank
1× White                                  1× Sadleback
1× Copper                               1× White


Blesbuck Slam                         Spiral Horn specie Hunter
1× Normal                               1× Kudu
1× Yellow                                 1× Eland
1× Sadleback                          1× Nyala
1× White                                 1× Bushbuck


Mookgophong, South Africa

Whatsapp or Call

Blackie (+27) 82 438 7035 / Yolanda (+27) 72 278 6944 / Agent Booker Brad +1 (208) 851-8112

Thanks for submitting!

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